Information for the Network/ administrator version of FileOrganiser.

In its basic form, to run this version, H (Home) drive is required to keep the organiser.ini file. This retains all information and paths.

Other path locations are optional, but required for user level control are:



To check for an admin level path file must exist AND be accessible!! : \\servername + '\c$\users\ad\organiser.ini'

if not, create the user 'ad' and MUST have admin rights.

For Staff users, the following path and file must exist AND be accessible = 'T:\temp\organiser.ini'

If none of these exist or valid, the a normal user is assumed. i.e. a normal user would not have access to the files mentioned above.

H:\organiser.ini is used to retain all settings and is a hidden file. These settings can be accessed within fileOrganiser. The 'configuration' menu should be disabled unless the user access is required.
To restore access to the configuration menu, note this was purposely made to be obscure.
add nine=6 to the '[FilterEnable]' section of the ini file. Disable by removing it!
Or under the 'help', set password, this is hardcoded to: EMAIL me for it!

Server path should be entered into the organiser.ini. This is hidden if created.


SN='\\ServerPath' . NOTE. Server only, As seen under the domain name.

ServerUsersPath='\c$\users' default. NOTE: the full path will be create automatically from Servername and user path, i.e.: \\ServerName\c$\users

The administrator can access the organiser.ini file and edit it, to include specific areas to access.

MOST of the ini settings can be changed within the 'configuration' menu, this is not accessable (by default) in the network version.

10 + 1 'Favourite sets', which can be re-named in configuration. e.g. Personal, mp3, video, backup, misc.
EACH favourite set will retain its Windows when returning to a previous 'set'. EXCEPT when 'Track favourite Sets' is not ticked.
12 favourite places under EACH 'set'. Note, this can be any valid path, e.g. c:\My documents, where perhaps
normally the user is not allowed the c-drive. The user cannot go UP the path! (dir tree)

The startup folders will be remembered & restored when restarting.
The 'Favourite SOURCE' and 'Favourite DESTINATION' are identical lists, they are there to make copying easier.
Favourites list is updated in serveral ways, usually via 'right clicking' and setting favourite drives.
Each user has his own ini file, saved on his local drive (e.g. 'H:\')
The 200 favourite places!! (by clicking 'Favourite sets' 1 to 10!) then re-check 'favourite places'!
There is included a 'Favourites editor'. Can ONLY change paths, if 'View valid drives' is enabled. Swapping around existing paths is OK.if
If removable drives are used, like a digital camera, use 'refresh' to enable it.
'File' - 'Show valid drives', will list the valid drives onthe system, can be disabled in the config.
'Search': Click in the 'Type here to search' box, then 'find' or the Enter key.
'Hover Help' is given by hovering over Windows or buttons, this will disappear after 0(off), 2.5, 5, 10 or 30 seconds depending on the help setting.
Show Valid drives will show all drives, including removable flash memory drives. If clicked on, the drive will appear on the 'source' Window.
F5 will refresh windows if not automatically done, also the valid drive list. e.g. Favourite drives (or paths) may re-enable, is become available.
'My Computer' can now be used. If enabled in 'configuration'.
Short-cuts can be disabled ( 'lnk' files ), so they cant be followed..

There are 2 or 3 (if Treeview included!) main windows. Reference for use as A, B, & C.
The LEFT Side, 2 windows. (A & B) This is the 'Source'
A: This is the 'copy from location', or source of folders.
For navigation of folders and folder creation and deletion. Folders cannot be deleted, unless empty.
the 'Favourite button 1' affects this window.
RE-allocate the selected directory to favourate buttons 1 & 2. NOTE: any re-allocation of the buttons, automatically
update the 'Favourite button 1'. 9 locations are kept inthis way.
B: In conjunction with window A, This is the 'copy from location', or source of files.
Can execute programs & run applications using the file associate feature as with normal explorer. (Right click)
Delete, move, copy files can be individually set and the user can change this as their experience changes!

C: This is the 'copy to location', or destination of files.
Right clicking this window allows the folder to re-allocate the favourite buttons 3 & 4.

Drag & drop is enabled, between all windows.. Shift and 'Control' are effective for multiple files.

Right clicking one of the favourite buttons will allow re-allocation of that button and will update 'Favourite button 1'.

Paths to the individual drives are limited, unless 'configuration' is enabled.

Updates: This is a way of mergeing ito the user ini file (organise.ini), so that paths can 'appear' in fileorganiser, to save the teacher/ user time in finding locations. e.g. reports

The user can check, via 'help', check for network update.

If updates are required, then change the entry in the organiser.ini file

value=101 ; NOTE this can be ANY value you decide, but each time you change it, increment this value!
Path='Y:\' ; NOTE this is the default! the file to maerge must be update.ini. Will need to be entered manually to change from y:\

a simple example, this would overwrite and change the paths in the favourite set 2 (1-4):


Obviously anything could be changed, including the view type, size ofd windows, drive letters, etc. You can copy from an existing organiser.ini file


If you do have any problems, then let me know and I will try to fix them and make is more adaptable for other networks!